Leica IP C Inkjet Cassette Printer


The Leica IP C cassette printer has been designed for the versatile printing of tissue cassettes, including cassettes with lids and two different imprint angles.

A resistant ink, specially designed for Leica Biosystems, makes imprints durable to chemical exposure and physical wear. Whether alphanumeric characters or 2D-Datamatrix barcodes, the print resolution is always satisfactory with good legibility. A specific advantage of barcode imprints is the possibility to track the sample throughout the complete histology workflow. Additionally, it enables reliable archiving with quick and accurate case identification.


Introducing the Leica IP C InkJet Cassette Printer: Revolutionizing Histology Workflow with Precision and Automation

Efficient Tracking with Automated Barcode Cassettes

Elevate your histology workflow with the groundbreaking Leica IP C InkJet Cassette Printer, an innovative solution that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. By harnessing the power of barcode-printed cassettes, this printer enhances tracking, reduces human errors, and amplifies traceability to unprecedented levels. This cutting-edge capability is a testament to the continuous evolution of histology practices, instilling a fresh wave of automation that guarantees unparalleled precision throughout the journey from the initial processing stages to the final storage destination. The Leica IP C InkJet Cassette Printer sets a new benchmark for efficiency, accuracy, and convenience, ensuring that every step of the histology process is marked by precision and excellence.

Resilient Ink for Lasting Identification

Experience unmatched durability with the Leica IP C’s distinctive ink formulation, meticulously crafted to withstand the chemical challenges in histology labs. The ink’s steadfast imprint endures throughout the entire histology process and storage, guaranteeing consistent traceability and steadfast identification.

Seamless Automation with Optional Unload Station

Enhance your laboratory’s operational fluidity with the Leica IP C’s optional unload station, a feature that streamlines manual processes and mitigates the risks of sequence mix-ups in printed cassettes. This intelligent automation not only improves efficiency but also ensures a seamless cassette handling process.

High-Throughput Performance for Optimized Workflow

Experience unparalleled efficiency with batch job printing achieving an impressive rate of 15 cassettes per minute. Opt for single-cassette printing, boasting a swift 10-second completion time per cassette. This high-throughput capacity optimizes workflow, enabling rapid specimen processing without compromising precision.

Adaptable Workstation Configuration

The Leica IP C seamlessly integrates into diverse laboratory setups, serving as a centralized single-user workstation or as part of a multiple-user PC configuration. This versatile Cassette Printer adjusts to your lab’s specific needs, fostering collaboration and enhancing efficiency. Connect multiple printers to a single PC, creating a synergistic and effective working environment.

Precision and Durability in Imprints

The Leica IP C Cassette Printer distinguishes itself with its versatile imprint capabilities, catering to tissue cassettes with lids and accommodating two different imprint angles. Its specially formulated resistant ink, exclusive to Leica Biosystems, ensures imprints endure chemical exposure and physical wear. Whether alphanumeric characters or 2D-Datamatrix barcodes, exceptional print resolution and legibility are maintained, assuring precise specimen tracking and dependable archiving.

Enhancing Workflow and Streamlining Case Identification

Leverage the power of barcode imprints with the Leica IP C, facilitating comprehensive tracking throughout the histology workflow. This capability revolutionizes case identification, bolstering operational efficiency and case management, while enabling reliable archiving with swift and accurate case identification.

User-Friendly Convenience with Optional Cassette Magazine Holder

For enhanced ease of use, the Leica IP C offers an optional external cassette magazine holder. This feature simplifies cassette loading, promoting seamless workflow and overall usability, ensuring a hassle-free experience. The Leica IP C InkJet Cassette Printer reimagines histology practices through precision, automation, and advanced features. Encounter heightened tracking accuracy, streamlined processes, and steadfast imprints, rendering it an indispensable asset for modern histology laboratories.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

21."5 x 25.6" x 25.7" (Without Magazine)
35.2" H (With Magazine)


66 lbs



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