Leica RM2245 Semi-Automated Microtome

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Leica RM2245 Microtome

The Leica RM2245 microtome is a semi-motorized rotary microtome, designed for routine and research applications in histopathology and industrial quality assurance laboratories. The Leica RM2245 microtome has been specially designed for the experienced user who prefers manual over motorized sectioning.

Manual sectioning is enhanced by a high-precision motorized specimen feed, which results in efficient operation with maximum section quality and reproducibility.

The RM2245 microtome allows the sectioning of samples in two manual sectioning modes: rocking mode (where the handwheel is turned back and forth over a short distance) and conventional manual sectioning with full-handwheel rotation.

All important controls are located on a user-friendly separate control panel with adjustable inclination angle for ergonomic operation. Specimen retraction (Retract) handwheel/specimen head locking function (Lock), trimming thickness, section thickness as well as section and section thickness totalizer are indicated directly on the instrument.

Leica RM2245 Microtome Technical Specifications:

Section thickness range: 0.5 – 100 µm

Section thickness increments:

0.5 – 5 µm in 0.5 µm increments

5 – 20 µm in 1 µm increments

20 – 60 µm in 5 µm increments

60 – 100 µm in 10 µm increments

Trimming thickness range and increments: 1 – 600 µm

Setting values:

from 1 -10 µm in 1 µm increments

from 10 – 20 µm in 2 µm increments

from 20 – 50 µm in 5 µm increments

from 50 – 100 µm in 10 µm increments

from 100 – 600 µm in 50 µm increments

Section and section thickness totalizer: indicated on 4-digit LED display

Step function: via coarse feed buttons in sectioning mode

Specimen retraction: from 5 to 100 µm selectable in 5µm steps

Total horizontal specimen feed: approx. 30 mm/1.18″

Vertical stroke length: approx. 70 mm/2.76″

Coarse feed speed settings (in both directions): 300 µm/sec and 900 µm/sec

Magnet on instrument back panel holds tools when needed

Socket for connection of backlighting device (optional)

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

16.26" (includes handwheel) x 24.33" (includes section waste tray) x 12"h (413(includes handwheel)x618(includes section waste tray)x305 mm)


81.5 lbs (37 kg)

Power Requirements

Voltage adjustable via voltage selector