Leica RM2245 Semi-Automated Microtome


The Leica RM2245 Microtome seamlessly combines the efficiency of manual sectioning with a high-precision motorized specimen feed, ensuring top-notch section quality and reproducibility. This microtome caters to both experienced users who prefer manual sectioning and modern laboratories seeking economic efficiency and user comfort. It boasts a patented spring system, eliminating the need for a heavy counterbalance weight and reducing operator fatigue. The Leica RM2245 offers a choice between conventional full-hand-wheel rotation and the innovative “rocking mode,” enhancing workplace efficiency and specimen throughput.


Leica RM2245 Semi-Automated Microtome

Efficient Manual Sectioning:

The Leica RM2245 Microtome is a semi-motorized rotary microtome meticulously crafted for routine use in histopathology. Its design perfectly balances manual sectioning with advanced features, making it the preferred choice for experienced users who value precision in modern laboratories.

Enhanced Precision:

This microtome elevates manual sectioning to new heights with its high-precision motorized specimen feed. This integration ensures not only efficient operation but also the highest section quality and reproducibility, vital for accurate histological analysis.

Multiple Sectioning Modes:

The Leica RM2245 offers versatility by allowing you to choose between conventional full-hand-wheel rotation, manual sectioning, or the innovative “rocking mode.” In this mode, the hand wheel effortlessly moves back and forth over a short distance, with each change in direction automatically translated into a specimen feed or retraction movement. This adaptability caters to the diverse requirements of modern laboratories.

Efficiency Meets Comfort:

As a harmonious blend of economic efficiency and user comfort, the Leica RM2245 is the instrument of choice for clinical histology, histopathology applications, and research endeavors. The patented spring system eliminates the need for a heavy counterbalance weight in the handwheel, reducing operator fatigue and maximizing workplace efficiency and specimen throughput.

User-Friendly Operation:

Operating this microtome is a breeze, thanks to a compact control panel with contrasting colors and touch-sensitive buttons. This user-centric design ensures that your focus remains on sectioning and specimen retrieval, enhancing overall efficiency. The panel’s inclination is adjustable, and it can be positioned on either the left or right side of the instrument for added convenience.

Safety First:

Safety is paramount during sectioning, and the Leica RM2245 has it covered. The integrated red finger protection guard of the knife holder E provides unique blade-edge shielding, minimizing the risk of potential injuries. Additionally, the smooth-running safety hand-wheel boasts an ergonomically shaped handle and a one-thumb operation locking device for secure specimen and blade changes. A second locking mechanism on the microtome base allows you to lock the object head in any position, ensuring user safety at all times.

Proven Technology:

With a history of innovation and precision, Leica incorporates several patented technologies into the RM2245. The Leica-Patented Force Compensation System guarantees exceptionally smooth manual handwheel operation, while the Precision Micrometer Feed System enables precise sectioning ranging from 0.5 µm to 100 µm in sectioning mode and 1 µm to 600 µm in trimming mode via a stepper motor. The Leica Control Panel Concept simplifies instrument settings and communication, all integrated at eye level for ease of use. To further cater to a variety of applications, a wide range of blade or knife holders and specimen holders are available as accessories, ensuring the RM2245’s adaptability to your specific needs.

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Dimensions (D x W x H)

24.3" x 16.3" x 12"


87 lbs



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