Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer


The Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer is an advanced and efficient labeling solution for medical laboratories. With its high-resolution printing capabilities, this innovative device ensures precise and legible labels for accurate sample identification. Its user-friendly interface and versatile label customization options simplify the printing process, allowing lab professionals to streamline workflows and optimize productivity.


Introducing the Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer: Elevate Your Cassette Labeling Efficiency

Experience a new era of cassette labeling with the cutting-edge Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer. Designed to revolutionize your laboratory workflow, this cassette printer combines speed, precision, and convenience in a compact package. Embrace the future of labeling excellence with a range of features tailored to optimize your efficiency.

Swift Labeling in Seconds:

Witness unmatched speed as the Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer prints each cassette in 10 seconds or less. Say goodbye to time-consuming labeling processes and welcome a new era of efficiency.

Optimal Footprint for Seamless Integration:

The PrintMate’s small footprint fits seamlessly into your laboratory workflow. Place it conveniently next to the grossing station, allowing you to print the cassettes you need right at the point of use. The printer’s compact design ensures it adapts effortlessly to your existing setup.

Experience the epitome of flexible workflow management with the revolutionary Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer, a cutting-edge solution designed to empower you with unparalleled control over your laboratory processes.

Adapt your cassette printing to your precise needs, printing only the necessary cassettes in real-time, thus aligning with the dynamic demands of your laboratory’s operations. Elevate your decision-making process with on-the-fly adjustments that enhance your overall efficiency, ensuring that your workflow remains streamlined and optimized.

Seamless Integration for Streamlined Processes:

Step into the future of automation with the PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer’s barcode printing capabilities. By directly imprinting barcodes onto cassettes, you can seamlessly integrate downstream processes, from tracking and sorting to identification. Manual handling becomes a thing of the past as automation takes center stage, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing the overall accuracy of your operations.

A Farewell to Manual Handwriting:

Say goodbye to the cumbersome and error-prone manual handwriting processes that have long plagued the efficiency of laboratory operations. The precision and clarity of the PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer’s printing prowess ensure that every cassette is marked with impeccable clarity, displaying easy-to-read black type.

This elevated level of identification accuracy contributes to improved patient care, safeguarding the integrity of your specimen management.

Enhanced Integration and Organizational Brilliance:

The PrintMate 150 extends a helping hand in enhancing your laboratory’s integration and organizational capabilities, offering innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs:

Dual-Track Collection System: Opt for the optional dual-track collection system, providing a capacity of up to 100 cassettes in convenient organizer trays. This streamlines the process of matching cassettes to their corresponding specimen containers at the grossing station, saving time and reducing errors.

Collection Chute: Simplify the process of sharing the PrintMate 150 between two technicians with the collection chute feature. Ensure that the right cassettes are seamlessly delivered to the correct technician, eliminating confusion and enhancing efficiency.

Dependable Dispensing System:

Experience unwavering reliability year after year with the PrintMate 150’s dispensing system. Designed to handle a wide array of standard cassettes, this system operates without jamming or misfeeding, ensuring consistent performance and minimal disruptions.

Unparalleled Print Quality for Enhanced Care:

Reap the benefits of high-quality prints that directly contribute to improved patient care. The PrintMate 150 boasts a remarkable 300dpi print resolution, resulting in easy-to-read, permanent black type. This is ideal for linear and 2-D barcodes, graphics, and logos, providing the clarity needed to navigate through your workflow with precision.

Unlock Efficiency through Comprehensive Case Identification:

Harness the power of barcodes by incorporating them directly onto your cassettes. These barcodes possess the ability to carry complete case identification information, becoming a cornerstone of accuracy and efficiency throughout your workflow, from labeling to tracking.

Embrace the Future of Cassette Labeling Excellence:

Elevate your laboratory’s efficiency and accuracy by embracing the Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer. Experience the remarkable benefits of unparalleled speed, precision, and automation, as you bid farewell to manual processes and unlock a new era of labeling excellence. Revolutionize your workflow and elevate your patient care with the Thermo PrintMate 150 Cassette Printer today!

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PrintMate 150



Dimensions (W x D x H)

17 X 15 X 32 in


37 lbs (with cassette tubes)



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