Sakura Tissue-Tek Film 4740 Coverslipper

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Sakura Tissue-Tek Film 4740 Coverslipper

Sakura 4740 Coverslipper Features

The Sakura Film 4740 coverslipper is designed to coverslip biological specimens that are mounted on standard 25 x 75 mm (1 x 3 inch) microscope slides. The use of a special, resin-coated film and xylene eliminates the need for cover glass and mounting media. Coverslipping is performed at approximately 3 seconds per slide with continuous processing of up to 3 pre-loaded baskets.

The Sakura Tissue-Tek 4740 coverslipper is equipped with a microcomputer that controls the mechanical movements, as well as the positioning and length of the coverslipping film. An LCD offers a visual display of selectable options and instrument status. All operating functions are controlled through the control panel. Adjustments to the software, such as xylene dispensing volume and film length can be easily modified using the function keys located on the control panel.

Specimen slides ready for coverslipping are placed into compatible baskets and loaded into the basket loading station. The loading station contains xylene in order to protect the specimens from drying out prior to coverslipping. The loading station can accommodate 3 baskets (60 slides) at one time. When the loading door is closed, sensors detect the number of baskets placed in the loading station. A robotic arm picks up one basket at a time and rises to the coverslipping area. Each slide is ejected from the basket where a pre-determined amount of xylene, is dispensed onto the slide. The coverslipping film is applied to the slide and the slide is then returned to its original position in the slide basket. When all of the slides in the basket have been coverslipped, the basket is transferred to the 12-position unloading unit. Baskets can be removed immediately or stored until 12 baskets have been placed in the unloading area.

With detectors for air bubbles in the xylene, you will experience the most convenient and reliable way of coverslipping without any drying artefacts. All the features of the Sakura 4740 coverslipper will guarantee error-free coverslipping with no need of interference by the the user at all.

The film length is user-defined in four selectable options: 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, and 60 mm.

With the use of an optional automatic link station, the Sakura 4740 coverlipper can be fully integrated with the Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma Routine Stainer, item number 6132 or the Sakura Tissue-Tek Prisma Routine with Special Stainer, item number 6133. Linked together you will have a truly walk-away system with continuous loading.



Coverslipper Refurbishment Process

  • Instrument tested
  • Instrument disassembled
  • Faulty or suspicious electronics replaced
  • New linear rail systems
  • Replace faulty or worn down hardware
  • Instrument reassembled
  • Function tested with a minimum of 1,000 slides and 5 rolls of film
  • Quality control to OEM, like-new, specifications

Learn more about our refurbishment process here.

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Tissue-Tek 4740

Dimensions (W x D x H)

28"w x 23"d x 27"h


165 lbs