Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP E150 Tissue Processor


Adaptable to laboratory needs, this automated system ensures precision and safety. With user-friendly CRT programming, an integrated computer for vigilant monitoring, and precise operator-selectable control, it guarantees optimal results. Its innovative design, including gentle tidal agitation and automated paraffin cleansing, minimizes contamination risks. The full-screen display and accessible control panel enhance management, while the basket design accommodates cassette specimens.


Elevate Tissue Processing with the Sakura Tissue Tek VIP E150 Tissue Processor

Unveil a new era of precision and efficiency in tissue processing with the cutting-edge Sakura Tissue Tek VIP E150 Tissue Processor. Designed to meet the demands of modern laboratories, this versatile instrument combines superior automation, user-friendly controls, and fail-safe technology to deliver optimal results while prioritizing tissue safety.

Modular Design Tailored to Your Needs

The Sakura Tissue Tek VIP E150 Tissue Processor features a modular design that can be configured to perfectly suit the unique requirements of your laboratory. Available in both traditional bench-top and floor models, this processor adapts to your workspace seamlessly. The VIP E150’s exceptional flexibility extends to its enhanced workflow, facilitated by the flexible self-calculation delay mode, ensuring an efficient and streamlined process.

Ultimate Tissue Safety

Equipped with an on-board fume control system and a fail-safe mechanism, the VIP E150 prioritizes the safety of your precious tissue specimens. The fail-safe system guarantees that your specimens remain intact and unharmed throughout the processing sequence, offering peace of mind in even the most critical applications.

Effortless Programming and Monitoring

The VIP E150 boasts a user-friendly CRT interface, providing fast and intuitive programming options. The integrated computer diligently monitors each step of the processing sequence, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and safeguarding both your specimens and the system itself.

Precise Control for Enhanced Fluid Exchange

Every station of the Sakura Tissue Tek VIP E150 Tissue Processor is equipped with operator-selectable control, enabling a faster and more efficient fluid exchange for all tissue samples. The strategically positioned heater elements maintain uniform reagent temperatures throughout the retort, ensuring consistent processing outcomes.

Innovative Reagent Management

Gentle tidal agitation is a hallmark of the VIP E150, optimizing reagent mixing while significantly reducing the risk of tissue cross-contamination. The processor’s automated paraffin cleansing feature further enhances efficiency by degassing paraffin within the oven, eliminating the need for additional retort cleaning cycles.

Comprehensive Display and Easy Access Control

The full-screen display of the Tissue Tek VIP E150 provides comprehensive information at a glance, enhancing monitoring efficiency. The accessible control panel empowers users with complete system management, allowing you to maintain complete control over every aspect of the processing procedure.

Tailored Convenience with Basket Design

The innovative basket design of the VIP E150 allows for the upright placement of cassette specimens, optimizing space utilization and convenience. It fits seamlessly with all standard embedding consoles, streamlining your workflow for enhanced ease of use.

Unveil the Future of Tissue Processing

Step into a new realm of precision and efficiency with the Sakura Tissue Tek VIP E150 Tissue Processor. With its modular design, fail-safe technology, user-friendly controls, and innovative features, this processor stands as a testament to Sakura’s dedication to advancing laboratory solutions. Experience unparalleled tissue processing capabilities and elevate your laboratory’s potential with the VIP E150.

Additional information



Tissue-Tek® E150



Dimensions (W x D x H)

Bench model: 29” x 23” x 26”
Floor model: 58” x 23” x 20”


273 lbs



Operator Manual

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