Thermo Scientific Epredia Linear MOHS H&E Slide Stainer

  • Compact answer to H&E frozen section protocols
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Epredia Linistat Linear Slide Stainer

Linistat Linear Stainer Features

Dependable and economical way to automate staining in your MOHS lab; all units use a conveyer to prepare consistently stained slides

  • Efficient footprint fits on top of most cryostats for streamlining workflow during frozen sectioning
  • Features include 14 staining stations (20 sec. each), running water, and a 13-slide capacity collection tank
  • Staining time is under five minutes
  • Can also be used for hand-staining when situation requires it
  • Color-coded slide clips correspond to Epredia Cryochrome™ colored slides and colored frozen section embedding media


  • Single station staining dishes
  • Double station staining dishes
  • Slide clips
  • Rinse water tubing kit



Linistat™ Linear Stainer
110/120V, 60 Hz, 220/240V-50Hz
18 in.
16.3 lb.
Single station staining dishes, double station staining dishes, slide clips, rinse water tubing kit

More Information

The Epredia Linistat linear slide stainer operates with a simple motor and chain mechanism, which has proven to be a very reliable design. The programming is non-adjustable, providing 15 seconds in each station. Each microscope slide is loaded on one slide clip one at a time, continuously loaded. A manufacturer-recommended protocol is provided in the operator manual for out-of-the-box plug-and-play use. If you wish to optimize the protocol,