Leica Autostainer ST5010 Slide Stainer

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Leica Autostainer ST5010 Slide Stainer

The Leica Autostainer ST5010 Slide Stainer for routine staining in the histopathology laboratory has set proven standards: Flexibility plus reliability makes the instrument one of the most successful within its class. One very important feature of the Leica Autostainer ST5010 Slide Stainer is that it can be used for H&E routine staining alone or simultaneously with other staining protocols. Without exception, users of the instrument confirm that the tissue sections adhere firmly to the slides and staining results are exceptionally reproducible. Because of its simple and logical

operation daily work with the Autostainer XL is especially easy and efficient.

The Leica Autostainer XL’s precisionmade, trouble-free, stainless steel robot arm moves swiftly and quietly on the x, y and z direction motion axes to process the slide racks.

The microprocessor controlled Leica Autostainer ST5010 Slide Stainer has 15 programs and is designed to be simple to use and operate.

The Leica Autostainer ST5010 Slide Stainer has an innovative continuous load and unload drawer access and robot arm system that lets you continue slide processing without stopping the instrument’s operation.


• Compact, space saving H&E stainer for routine applications

• High specimen throughput

• Simultaneous realization of various different staining protocols

• Exact incubation times

• Continuous slide unload / reload function without having to interrupt a staining cycle or open the lid

• Simple, menu-driven programming

• Incubation times and sequence of use of reagent stations freely programmable

• Integrated oven for optimal slide drying

• Reagent containers can be exchanged quickly and easily

• Integrated fume extraction system with activated charcoal filter

• Minimized user exposure to hazardous reagent fumes

• Easy-to-clean and resistant surfaces made out of polyester epoxy resin and stainless steel.


Specimen slide throughput: at least 200 specimen slides per hour (depending on the selected program – up to 600 slides per hour)

Loading capacity: 11 slide racks

Loading capacity per slide rack: 30 specimen slides

Total number of processing stations: 26

Reagent stations: at least 18

Reagent container volume: 450 ml

Number of wash stations: max. 5

Oven: 1

Oven chamber temperature: off or 30 °C to 65 °C

Incubation time setting: from 0 sec. up to 99 min, 59 sec.

Load / unload stations: 1 each

Permanent memory capacity: 15 programs, up to

25 program steps each

The proven Leica Autostainer ST5010 slide stainer continues to provide reproducible, consistent, high-quality staining and increased workload throughput.

The flexibility of open consumables and reagents along with the option to use validated Surgipath reagents, consumables and protocols provides superior staining and coverslipping quality.

The ST5010 slide stainer can be used stand-alone or integrated with the Leica CV5030 glass coverslipper. Eliminating the manual handling of slide racks between staining and coverslipping creates a ‘walk-away’ staining/coverslipping workstation. Upgrade at any time to match your laboratory’s specific needs.

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