Leica CM1510 S Cryostat

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Leica CM1510 S Cryostat

The Leica CM1510 S Cryostat is the best value cryostat available for all cryo- and critical applications such as Mohs surgery.

The Leica CM1510 S Cryostat allows rapid freezing and sectioning of skin in multiple thin layers. Time is crucial when sectioning frozen specimens. An actively cooled quick freezing shelf with defrost function and a powerful refrigeration system are provided to get rapid results.

In a minimum of time, the specimen can be clamped and oriented with the easy-to-use orientation system. Orientation is rapid and produces top quality sections.

The motorized coarse feed enables rapid trimming. Two different speed settings in each direction are provided for improved efficiency.

The actively cooled quick-freezing shelf (-45 °C) with heat extractor allows extremely fast specimen freezing. A manual defrost cycle can be activated whenever necessary.

The perfectly illuminated and insulated cryochamber is easily accessible through a heated sliding window. Ample space is provided for convenient specimen handling.

To ensure protection against injury when changing specimens and/or knives, the Leica CM1510 S Cryostat's smooth-running handwheel is lockable in the upper position.


Splash-protected high precision microtome
Specimen orientation
Motorized coarse feed in two different speeds
Cryochamber temperature 0 °C to -30 °C
Automated and manual cryochamber defrost cycle
Actively cooled quick freezing shelf, lowest
possible temperature -45 °C, with manual defrost
on demand
Illuminated cryochamber
Heated sliding window, removable
Compact dimensions
Cryocabinet on rollers


Rotary microtome
Section thickness setting: 1 -60 μm
in 1-μm steps from 1 to 10 μm
in 2-μm steps from 10 to 20 μm
in 5-μm steps from 20 to 60 μm
Total horizontal specimen feed: 25 mm
Vertical stroke: 59 mm
Maximum specimen size: 55 x 55 mm
Specimen orientation: 8° (x-, y-, z-axis)

Electrical coarse feed
slow: 0.2 μm/s
fast: 0.7 μm/s

Refrigeration system

Temperature setting range: 0 °C to -30 °C ±10% at ambient temperature of 22°C and air humidity <60% when sliding window is closed
Adjustable in 1-degree increments
Temperature of quick-freezing shelf: Max. -44 °C at a temperature of -30 °C
Defrosting: Automatic hot gas defrosting, defrost time freely programmable, manual defrosting of quick-freeze shelf and evaporator duration: 8 min.

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Semi Automatic Cryostats


CM 1510 S

Dimensions (W x D x H)

27"w x 27"d x 46"h


256 lbs (120kg)