Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 5 Tissue Processor

  • Professionally Refurbished, Like-New
  • New Reagent Bottles
  • 1-Year Warranty
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Sakura VIP 5 Tissue Processor

The Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 5 Tissue Processor is designed for fast, streamlined operation. The VIP 5 Tissue Processor offers easy-to-use software. It enables users to manage reagents, rename solutions and programs, and define cleaning cycles according to their needs. The VIP 5 automatically processes reagent transfer, continuous mixing, and bottle connection check to ensure flawless and efficient processing. The Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 5 tissue processor offers a simple-to-use user interface, with a large LCD display and intuitive buttons. User modes and manager modes are available to prevent mistakes in program altering. Delayed starts for overnight processing can be achieved. Although it is not recommended, you can also program a 2-hour run.

You can process up to 300 samples per run on the Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 5 tissue processor. Each cassette basket holds 150 cassettes. You can also run 150 cassettes or less which allows you to use less reagent volume with the built-in reagent level sensors in the retort.

The Sakura VIP 5 Tissue Processor is flexible, allowing easy addition of cassettes, even during processing. It provides complete information at a glance through a full-text display, and facilitates reagent management through cassette counter and reagent usage counter features. Additionally, the VIP 5 cleans paraffin by degassing the oven, ensuring sanitized paraffin without the need for additional retort cleaning cycles.

What refurbished means to us

Our refurbished Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 5 tissue processors come standard with brand new reagent bottles, o-rings, gaskets, seals, tubing, air pump, grease, LCDs, and any underperforming electronics. Our professional refurbishment begins with a complete teardown of the machine. We then perform a rebuild of all sub-assemblies, replacing all of the parts known to fail. We then reassemble the machine, and begin the testing phase. Thorough testing is completed with mock process runs, including overnight runs, and delayed starts. Our quality control process ensures that every VIP 5 tissue processor is functioning at OEM specifications. This is how we are able to reset the lifespan of the VIP 5 tissue processor, providing a like-new tissue processor both functionally and cosmetically, giving your histology lab many years of reliable service.


The Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 5 tissue processor has been in production since the late 1990’s until 2005, but remains the most popular histology lab automated tissue processing machine, by a long shot. Despite most of the VIP 5 machines that we refurbish being over 20 years old, we have effectively been resetting the lifespan and getting these machines back into labs for over a decade. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what some of our customers have had to say about their experience with Rankin.

Features and Benefits

    • Up to twenty different processing programs enable preparation of all tissue sample types
    • User-defined selection of 150 or 300 cassette capacity
    • Create your own reagent and program names
    • Solution management software
    • Full-text display reveals complete information at a glance and is user-freindly
    • Unique automatic reagent transfer during the processing run
    • Unique continuous mixing for more efficient processing
    • Self-calculating delay mode coordinates completion of processing to enhance workflow
    • Cassette counter and reagent usages counter facilitate reagent management
    • User-defined cleaning cycles
    • Ample stainless steel work surface
    • Built-in printer interface (printer optional)
    • Automatic bottle connection check
    • External drain and fill
    • Adjustable alarm tone and volume
    • Two levels of passwords to ensure instrument and information security


The basket design allows upright placement of cassette specimens and fits all standard embedding consoles for optimal convenience.

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Tissue-Tek VIP 5

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Bench model (5214): 47.2"w x 23.6"d x 27.5"h (120x60x70cm) Floor model (5215): 23.6"w x 23.6"d x 53.5"h (60x60x136cm)


352 lbs (160 kg) both bench and floor