Thermo Microm HM355 S2 Automated Microtome


Packed with a suite of features to enhance comfort and maximize operational efficiency, this microtome offers unparalleled control through its touch keypad, allowing users to adjust speed, section thickness (ranging from an impressive 0.5 to 100 microns), and choose from various cutting modes. With a vertical stroke of 64 mm and a trimming range spanning 0.5 to 500 microns, it accommodates diverse sectioning needs with precision. Notably, the microtome offers a retraction range of 40 microns and a standard section counter, enhancing productivity and result quality.


Thermo Microm HM355 S2 Microtome: Elevating Microtomy to New Heights

Fully Automatic Precision

The Thermo Microm HM355 S2 Microtome represents the epitome of fully automatic microtomy. Designed to cater to both routine and intensive paraffin sectioning needs, this microtome is a powerhouse of features aimed at optimizing operation and ensuring unparalleled comfort in your laboratory.

Operational Excellence Meets Comfort

Loaded with features to redefine your microtomy experience, the Thermo Microm HM355 S2 offers an array of comforts and operational enhancements. Equipped with specimen retraction that can be toggled on or off, this microtome adapts to your specific requirements seamlessly. Its movable operating panel can be effortlessly positioned on the left or right side of the instrument, accommodating both left and right-handed users.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

Operating this microtome is a breeze with its touch keypad controls. You have command over the speed, section thickness (ranging from an impressive 0.5 to 100 microns), and specific modes that cater to diverse cutting needs. These modes encompass manual, motorized, single, interval, multi, and continuous stroke options, ensuring flexibility for various applications.

Exceptional Precision in Sectioning

With a vertical stroke of 64 mm, the Thermo Microm HM355 S2 provides ample room for your sectioning requirements. The trimming range spans from 0.5 to a substantial 500 microns, offering precision even in the most delicate tasks.

Efficiency and Versatility

This microtome boasts a maximum sectioning speed of 0-430 mm/s, catering to high-throughput demands without compromising on precision. The section thickness range extends from a hair-thin 0.5 to a substantial 100 microns, while the trimming range accommodates specimens from 5 to 500 microns, granting unparalleled versatility.

Seamless Section Management

Efficiency is further enhanced with a retraction range of 40 microns, streamlining section management and optimizing results. The standard section counter is an indispensable tool that aids in your laboratory’s productivity.

The Thermo Microm HM355 S2 Microtome redefines the landscape of fully automatic microtomes, where precision meets operational excellence. It elevates sectioning to art, offering comfort, flexibility, and unparalleled efficiency in your laboratory, ensuring you achieve exceptional results with ease.

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HM 355 S



Dimensions (W x D x H)

16" x 20.5" x 11"


77 lbs



Operator Manual

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