Dakewe HP300 Tissue Processor


This advanced system offers reliable self-checks, preemptive risk mitigation, and backup temperature control. Elevate quality assurance with component-level protection, intelligent software for secure specimen infiltration, and real-time functional monitoring. Stay connected through the remote monitoring system, ensuring safety and informed decision-making. Experience precision with liquid level monitoring and reagent quality management. Enjoy user-friendly features including an easy electronic lock, adjustable touchscreen angles, and efficient maintenance with Teflon coating and a patented Marble countertop. With a concise UI, this processor redefines tissue processing ease.


Introducing the Dakewe HP300 Tissue Processor: Revolutionizing Tissue Processing

Reliable Self Check: Stay Ahead of Risks

Key parameters undergo automatic checks, preempting potential risks before processing even begins, ensuring a reliable and safe operation.

Backup Solutions: Temperature Control Redefined

Experience backup temperature control with dual-sensor precision and an auto-switch control algorithm, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

Component-level Quality Control: Elevated Quality Assurance

Experience exceptional safety with a comprehensive specimen protection system in case of accidents, ensuring specimen integrity and security.

Safety Specimen Protection: Uncompromised Security

Your specimens are shielded by an intelligent software system during reagent infiltration, guaranteeing both safety and precise processing.

Functional and Performance Control: Real-time Vigilance

Monitor functional and performance parameters in real-time while analyzing variations to avert potential risks, ensuring optimal results.

Remote Monitoring System: Beyond Monitoring

Monitor your tissue processor’s status through a convenient application on your smartphone, laptop, or iPad. Stay informed, check alarm types, and keep your specimens safe.

Liquid Sensor Monitor: Precision in Detection

Ultrasonic liquid sensor monitoring ensures accurate liquid level detection, reducing errors and simplifying maintenance.

Reagent Quality Management: Streamlined Reagent Handling

Benefit from automatic reagent/paraffin rotation, improving operational convenience and minimizing errors through automatic threshold reminders.

Easy Electronic Lock: Seamless Access

Open the lid with a simple touch and lock it securely using the ergonomic handle, enhancing both ease of use and security.

Screen Angle Adjustment: Tailored Viewing

Enhance your interaction with the tissue processor through the 12.1-inch touch screen, thoughtfully designed with adjustable angles to cater to various perspective habits. This feature not only allows for personalized ergonomic positioning but also fosters an optimized working experience, ensuring that you can seamlessly navigate through the processor’s functionalities.

Whether you prefer a higher angle for standing tasks or a lower one for seated operations, the adaptable touchscreen angles provide an elevated level of customization, ultimately enhancing both your comfort and efficiency in working with the tissue processor.

Liquid Level Observation: Enhanced Visibility

Optimize your workflow management with the innovative blue light design integrated into the tissue processor. This design innovation offers a crystal-clear and unobstructed view of reagent bottle levels, seamlessly simplifying your tissue processing workflow. Beyond its functional benefits of enabling quick assessments of reagent levels, the blue light design contributes to an engaging and efficient workspace, ensuring precise and effortless operation in your laboratory setting.

Flexible Processing Capacity: Tailored to Your Needs

Tailor your tissue processing experience to your unique needs by selecting from a range of options, including two basket models offering capacities for 70 or 150 cassettes. With flexible processing capacities of 2.5 L or 4.0 L, you have the versatility to adapt to a variety of workload demands, ensuring optimal efficiency and resource utilization. This adaptability empowers you to optimize your laboratory operations, whether handling smaller batches or addressing larger-scale projects with ease.

Easy to Clean: Effortless Maintenance

Experience unparalleled convenience with the retort lid’s Teflon coating, specifically designed to facilitate effortless cleaning, saving you valuable time and effort in maintenance. The addition of the patented Marble countertop further elevates the ease of care, providing a durable and easy-to-clean surface that adds a touch of elegance to your laboratory space. Embrace a new level of efficiency and aesthetics as you ensure the longevity and immaculate presentation of your Dakewe HP300 Tissue Processor.

Concise UI: User-Friendly Interface

Navigate effortlessly through the intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) design, expertly crafted to enhance user-friendliness and promote smooth operation within your laboratory setting. This thoughtful interface simplifies interactions, enabling you to swiftly access features and optimize your workflow. The intuitive GUI ensures that even intricate tasks become streamlined, promoting an environment of efficiency and innovation.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

24.41" x 25.2" x 46.1"


396.8 lbs



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