Tissue Processors

A tissue processor is a machine used in histology, which is the study of tissues at the microscopic level. It is used to prepare tissue samples for examination under a microscope.

Tissue processors work by dehydrating, clearing, and embedding tissue samples in paraffin. This process helps to preserve the tissue and make it easier to section and mount onto microscope slides for examination.

The tissue processor typically consists of a series of chambers or tanks that contain different solutions. The tissue samples are placed in the tissue processor and then processed through the different solutions in a specific order, depending on the type of tissue and the desired final preparation.

Tissue processors can be used in a variety of settings, including research laboratories, hospitals, and pathology labs. They are an essential tool in the field of histology and are used to prepare tissue samples for a wide range of applications, including diagnosing diseases, studying the effects of drugs on tissues, and researching the structure and function of tissues.

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